Access Audio Bible 3 ways

Welcome to the NASB® Audio Bible in a Year blog. Each day a link to the Audio Bible will be displayed. Listen each day and you will hear the entire Bible in just one year! If you miss some days you can always come back and find them in the archives on the right hand side of the blog.

There are three different ways to hear the audio files. You can come to the blog and click on the link for that day. You can also subscribe by email or an rss feed. The email subscription is on the right side of the blog. ( you will immediately be sent a confirmation email. Make sure you click on the link in the confirmation email or your subscription won't be activated )  To subscribe through the rss feed just go to the link at the top of the blog titled "Subscribe through these feed readers".

Test how it works with this sample link. Sometimes the audio takes a moment to play while it is buffering. Grab a coffee and enjoy. 1 Samuel 25-27
God bless